Cloud is fast becoming the primary choice for growing businesses & with this change a need has arisen to clarify ‘what is a cloud solution & what can it do for me?’. The term Cloud covers many things such as: Data Storage, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Hosted email, Telephony, Software and Worker mobility. Understanding how these things contribute to your business success is crucial. Our unique process helps discover the best Cloud Solution for you & your business.

Ask yourself these few simple questions

Sick and tired of having your operations interrupted due to failures in your IT environment?

Is your business due to replace or update any part of your IT infrastructure?

Would you like to remove your IT headaches and unplanned IT expenses?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions then view our short video and speak to CCS before you invest in your IT future.

"Access from ANY PC, Mac, Tablet or SmartphoneANYWHERE in the world!

"Maintained and Updated without problems"

"Common applications hosted (e.g. : MYOB / Quicken / Sage / Goldmine / ACT)"

Multi-tenancy environment (active/active) – data is ‘live’ across at least two data centres at any given time - Australian owned and built with guaranteed Australian data sovereignty - Built on the Citrix Platform and our own network with our fully owned hardware - Daily off-site back-up with data always ‘on’ and always available for download, should the customer require it - Application hosting inside the cloud-hosted desktop (e.g. MYOB, Sales Force etc.) - Latest encryption protocol versions for data in transit as well as advanced firewall appliances to ensure hosted data is secure at rest - A monthly subscription model allows predictable, all-encompassing costing (no more unplanned IT expenses) - Accessible all over the globe at any time on any device